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Cards Gone Rogue

Project Type:            University/Group

Engine Used:          Unity

Language Used:    C#

Primary Role:          Systems Designer

Cards Gone Rogue is a card game centered around a procedural card effect generation system. The game was created for the Generative Game Design course by a team of three students at Northeastern University. The project was executed over a period of 4 weeks. The overarching idea was to create systems and progression as a rogue-lite, but the current game version only contains a single combat encounter due to scope limitations. The game takes much inspiration from the gameplay in Slay the Spire.

Here's a link to the projects page to download the game demo! -


This section contains an outline of my contributions to the project, while the expandable text boxes below provide detailed explanations of each contribution.

  • Brainstormed the gameplay experience, target audience, and generative algorithm and created weekly milestones to meet project goals.

  • Designed the core gameplay loop, scene flow, and the generative system for card effects.

  • Created flowcharts that described the operation of the card effect generation system and the phase sequence of the combat encounter.

  • Designed card effect archetypes (such as card draw, damage, heal) that are linked to inventory items.

  • Designed the specific card effects (Example: Gain 2 life, Deal 1 damage) associated with each archetype used in the generative system.

  • Designed the card layout and created sections of the card frame.

  • Conducted playtests, documented playtest data, and reworked elements such as the UI design and game balance based on player feedback.


Planning Stage


Pre-Production Stage


Production Stage (Systems Design, UI, Card Effects)





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